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COVID - 19

The Maine Hideaway is lovingly cared for by the proprietors, Maribeth and Jeff Carson.  We opened in 2016 and have enjoyed hosting hundreds of guests each year.  When we endeavored into this business, we knew we wanted to a offer an easy experience.  When traveling for business or pleasure, people want a clean room and comfortable bed.

Our cleaning practices have always exceeded industry standards from sanitizing every light switch, door knob and surface to washing the comforter between every single guest.  Its not uncommon to find us giving the floors a scrub on our hands and knees.  We have never had a bunch of "fluff," knick knacks or things that get in the way during your stay. One single sheet of paper with breakfast times and WiFi passwords replaced between each guest has been our practice since the beginning.

We have removed the bed throw pillows, so you will only enjoy the crisp white linens on your bed washed between every guest. 

Subject to updates, we will be wearing masks when in the guest areas.


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